Lost Shoe Brewing & Roasting Co.

SIZE | 7 bbl | 4,600 sf

Austin Design Cooperative helped owners JP and Melynda Gallagher to create the space they always wanted in their hometown: a comfortable, go-to hangout for any time of day. Morning coffee with a book? After-work beers with a friend? Lost Shoe Brewing & Roasting serves up a little something for everyone.



Marlborough, MA


Completed 2019

Services Provided:


Interior Architecture

Interior Design

Lighting Design

Custom cabinetry design

Custom iron/steel design

Site Design

Landscape Engineering

A Brewery, Roastery & Taproom

Lifelong Marlborough, MA, residents and brewery owners JP and Melynda Gallagher are making a point to honor their hometown’s history in its aesthetic and name. Melynda explains: “Our taproom is a place for the community to come together to enjoy locally brewed beer and freshly roasted coffee in an environment reminiscent of our city’s past as a shoe-manufacturing center.”

Concrete, wood, brick and leather are featured throughout the spacious dual-purpose coffee bar and taproom, intended by Melynda and JP to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with an underlying nod to the local industrial traditions.

”Our taproom is a place for the community to come together to enjoy locally brewed beer and freshly roasted coffee in an environment reminiscent of our city’s past as a shoe manufacturing center.”

The mixture of seating includes an extended 25-seat bar, German beer hall tables, and leather couches and chairs arranged around cobbler benches repurposed into coffee tables. The duo are especially proud of their Monday Night Run Club, when friends and patrons meet up for a 1, 3, or 5 mile run followed by a pint back at headquarters.


Specific Challenges

The compact, urban site was particularly challenging and required the gut renovation of a former night club. To boot, the L-shaped interior and previous design choices made the space feel like a dark cave—perhaps ideal for its former use, but not for the vision of the new owners. To make people feel welcome, Lost Shoe needed to significantly improve its curb appeal outside and introduce some warmth and brightness inside.


What we did – The Solution

To transform the building, we capitalized on the simple idea of getting more natural light into every corner. Formerly darkened windows were restored to transparency on the front and side of the building, simultaneously improving both exterior and interior experiences for visitors. Now, passersby are greeted with a full view of the inviting guest spaces as well as the shining roasting and brewing equipment. Inside, the bar, tables, and lounge areas are angled to provide outdoor views from any seat. Glass walls around the brewing and roasting facilities permit natural light into the elongated work space while also enabling customers to witness the start-to-finish production of their beverages of choice. As evening falls, vintage-style light fixtures give a warm glow to the industrially inspired surfaces, adding further to the friendly, pleasant ambience of Lost Shoe.

Lost Shoe Brewing & Roasting Co. is one of those places customers look forward to visiting again and again. It’s bright, welcoming, and comfortable, any time of the day. We are delighted with the result and think you will be too. Swing by next time you find yourself in eastern Massachusetts.


“We really wanted to open as a combination brewery and coffee roastery… so we made the taproom inclusive of both crafts.”

Melynda Gallagher

Co-Owner, Lost Shoe