Brewery Architecture

The Humble Pallet

The Humble Pallet is a unit of measure we use to ensure efficiency within the craft brewery production space.

What’s important in a brewery is to make it durable, manageable and a sustainable operation. This helps support and heal the environment. This is good for us all.


Building a Great Brewery Around the Humble Pallet

We measure production and storage space by the movement of large quantities of raw materials, most of which arrive on pallets. We design based on this global mean, to safely and efficiently deliver materials in and out of storage, refrigeration and finally into the tasting room. All areas are designed to easily accommodate the production and distribution aspects of your operation.

This takes us to the next step, where we sort out some of the technical details, such as:

  • Examining the zoning regulations, building codes and local liquor laws
  • Engineering the space for brewery efficiency, comfort and future growth
  • Discussing the financial aspects of the project
  • Connecting you with manufacturers of brewing equipment
  • Sharing our experience with vendors and suppliers of brewing ingredients and materials
  • Accommodating storage and waste management needs
  • Designing efficient, sustainable layouts
  • Exploring construction and building best practices 

Building a successful brewery takes careful planning by people who have proven success in brewery design architecture. Let us lend our experience and knowledge to you – Contact us for consultation regarding your projects, big or small.

Austin Design Cooperative has built an impressive portfolio of craft breweries and commercial buildings, including some of the premier brewery destinations in the region.

We design for your success, because we know that the brewery construction represents your brand. Everything from the parking lot to the tasting room will reflect your vision, your philosophy and the community you support. We’re all about finding a balance for your business, your products and your inspiration.

Together, we can build a brewery destination that allows you the freedom to engage with the local community, patrons who enjoy good beer, and to enjoy life through architecture.

Meet Peter Webster, Our Brewery Architecture Design Specialist

What do The Alchemist, Tree House Brewing, and Lawson’s Finest Liquids have in common? Their architect: Austin Design Cooperative. Successful brewers hold a high standard for themselves and their beer. We believe your facility should reflect the same intention and sense of craft.

Review our short video where we describe how we work to achieve a unique experience that’s functional and sustainable in all our breweries.


Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Waitsfield, Vermont

From a tiny backyard sugarhouse in Warren, VT, Sean and Karen Lawson developed a legendary reputation in the craft brewing community.  In April 2016, Lawson’s announced that it would move most production operations up the Mad River valley to a larger visitor-friendly space in Waitsfield.

What Makes for Great Brewery Design?

A brewery is much more than just copper, vats and pint glasses. A local brewery can be a gathering place for the community, a cultural center and a destination for friends and neighbors to gather to discuss the events of the times, celebrate special occasions and to just relax.

As experienced brewery design architects, we will work with you to create an atmosphere crafted from your unique vision to build an inviting and comfortable space to brew and pour beer while also serving the community.

We begin each project with communication. We take an empathetic approach focused on listening, discussion and understanding. Working together we can fully discover and dissect your intent and goals. After all, designing your brewery for success includes planning for future growth and expansion. This collaborative method informs and inspires us to realize the dream of your ideal craft brewery

From a tiny backyard sugarhouse in Warren, VT, Sean and Karen Lawson developed a legendary reputation in the craft brewing community.  In April 2016, Lawson’s announced that it would move most production operations up the Mad River Valley to a larger visitor-friendly space in Waitsfield.

We adhere to the idea that your brewery should be a destination…

That makes your brewery unique.

A destination is a place people are willing to travel long distances to get to because it is very good, distinctive or simply put, a popular and interesting place. The approach we take when designing a brewery embodies this model of destination, one that serves to make enjoyable and memorable impressions in the lives of all who visit. This is a game changer when people are deciding how to spend the day with friends, family and out-of-town visitors.


What Our Clients Have to Say

“It’s gonna be a beautiful space,” Sean told Seven Days on Monday, adding that through a yearlong design collaboration with Austin Design Cooperative of Brattleboro, plans for the building have only gotten more exciting. “The design has picked up a little more wow factor,” he said.

Sean Lawson

Owner, Lawson's Finest Liquids