Community Architecture

Designing Sustainable Community Spaces


I want each project to help heal the environment and potentially be a net energy provider. What’s important to a sustainable community center is for us to design it to be durable and good for the environment –  this helps us all.


Yes, a community is a place on a map, however we believe it is more about the people who make up the community.

We gain inspiration by getting to know the individuals and those who contribute to the greater good for the neighbors and their relationship to the community and to each other. This gives us the necessary perspective to design equitable, meaningful and beautiful architecture.

Community center architecture plays important roles as the crossroads for the arts in the shape of galleries, theater and venues for music & dance. Activity centers are there to promote health and fitness for all age groups, and commercial architecture offers local businesses and municipal sites the opportunity to serve the community’s economic and civic functions.

The Importance of memorable community spaces

Throughout history civic and municipal architecture has often been viewed as great works of public art. We take inspiration from each community’s historic, contemporary and future visions to focus on the experience of the community and its individuals. We strive to incorporate building materials and designs suitable to the surrounding environment for economic efficiency and sustainability. 

Some of our past mixed-use projects include: 

  • Breweries and Tasting Rooms
  • Marina/Restaurants
  • Ski Lodges
  • Banking Institutions
  • Institutional & Civic Centers
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Community/Recreation Centers
  • Senior Housing
  • Parish Hall
  • Habitat for Humanity Projects
  • Bus Stop Shelter as a way of giving back to the community through functional public art

Working with Austin Design Cooperative is a different experience, as the scope of the project comes into focus, we consider your community project and work with you to make it a functional and sustainable property – saving your non-profit money while creating a space for the community to thrive.

Request a consultation with our team and we will show you how Austin Design Cooperative can bring a different outcome to your community space.

When you think about it, any place can be a destination.

Whether your project is a community center, municipal building or something else entirely, the approach we take considers the finished product as a destination for the community. Maybe it serves as a gathering place for town meetings, a center for active-adults or a clubhouse on the 18th hole. We design destinations that welcome all aspects of the community.


What Our Clients Have to Say

“Austin has been a great friend to Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity. The ADCoop staff is very available and responsive, graciously contributing affordable, sustainable home design, signage, and advice to our small affiliate. We are fortunate to have such a generous, committed community partner in Austin Design Cooperative.”

Megan McDonough

Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity