ADCi Services and Process

Whether your project is big or small, commercial or residential, urban or rural, we want to hear from you. Our empathetic approach allows us to get to know you on a personal level, so we can fully understand your project. 

We offer a full menu of architectural services to suit any situation. We’d love to have a chat about your project and how we can make it a reality for you.

Our Project Specialties


We do it all—single family, multifamily, custom designs, renovations, additions—and always work to make your home sustainable and memorable.


A specialty of ours, the breweries we design are unique, environmentally conscious, must-see destinations.


From community centers to commercial buildings, we bring our sustainable and environmentally responsible expertise to every project.

What to expect when working with ADCi 

First, we use the empathetic approach of listening and getting to know you on a personal level, understanding your vision for the project. We interact in a way that informs us about your vision for the project whether it’s a new build, fix, renovation or something else.

If we decide we’re a good fit for your needs, we’ll come by for a site visit to focus on what you’d like to accomplish, potential challenges we see with the land or existing buildings (whether that’s physical conditions or potential zoning issues), and if we feel we have a good handle on things, we’ll throw out a ballpark estimate on what this kind of project will cost. At this point, we’re talking with you, getting to know you and your project on a deeper level, so we can tailor our offerings to you.

Next we’ll draft a proposal outlining the variety of ways we can work together to tackle your needs. This lays out the project, how we can help you accomplish a more concise, thorough description of services and cost. We expect you will have questions about the proposal, we encourage discussion. It’s in everyone’s best interest to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Once the proposal is signed and the initial deposit is received, we can get started. Big or small we will work with you on the budget.

Some projects are very simple and only involve a few phases

  1.  Pre-Design Services
  2.  Existing Conditions
  3.  Schematic Design

Some projects go all the way:

  1.  Pre-Design Services
  2.  Existing Conditions
  3.  Schematic Design
  4.  Design Development
  5.  Construction Documents
  6.  Construction Contract Negotiation
  7.  Construction Observation
  8.  Post Construction Services

By understanding your visions, we convert your ideas into realities that you may not have known were possible.  Some projects may need additional detail and personalization. We got that!

We consider even the smallest details. At Austin Design Cooperative, we specialize in environmentally conscious building practices, sustainable construction materials, and coordinating with contractors to make your project reality.

Our Project Process in Detail


Pre-Design Services/Feasibility

This stage involves identifying the client’s requirements and gathering appropriate information to enable subsequent phases to be undertaken.


Services in this phase

  • Organize, attend and record project meetings
  • Assist a Client in site selection
  • Consult with local authorities
  • Prepare Building Code Report
  • Prepare Zoning Code Report
  • Identify site issues All site issues identified (e.g., wetlands, contours, property lines, building constraints, easements and right of ways, water service or well, septic, ledge, water table, soils, vegetation, etc.)
  • Obtain surveys: topographical, geographical, existing building and service surveys paid for by the client
  • Identify your objectives and constraints
  • Verify your budget


Schematic Design (Design Exploration)

This stage involves the preparation of design ideas that address the Client’s brief needs and relevant local authority requirements. 


Services in this phase

  • Organize, attend and record project meetings
  • Review laws, codes and regulations applicable to the Architect’s service
  • Prepare environmental, conservation and context studies
  • Prepare sketches, diagrams and other information to communicate the conceptual idea(s)
  • Prepare design briefs for other consultants
  • Advise on the need for other consultants 
  • Undertake preliminary selection of materials
  • Update project timelines


Conceptual Design

This stage involves the development of an approved Concept Design


Services in this phase

  • Organize, attend and record project meetings
  • Prepare basic model to show Shape, Space and Contour
  • Receive design input from other consultants
  • Evaluate sustainability and energy consumption issues


Refine Design

This stage involves developing the design to a level that will adequately explain the project and allow for submission to the relevant local authorities for planning consent/permit.


Services in this phase

  • Record the Client’s agreement to submit the application to the authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) when required
  • Arrange, attend and record pre-application meetings with authorities, consultants and other relevant parties
  • Confirm local statutory requirements and regulations
  • Prepare appropriate drawings and outline specifications for submission to planning authority
  • Prepare schedule of accommodation and circulation areas
  • Provide schedule of proposed materials and finishes
  • Assist Client in the coordination of other consultants
  • Assist Client with planning/building application process


Technical Design Documents

This stage involves the preparation of drawings and specifications to allow the project to go out to tender/bid.


Services in this phase

  • Coordinate and integrate the work of others
  • Prepare drawings including plans, elevations, sections, details and schedules as required to enable the project to go out to tender
  • Prepare drawings including plans, elevations, sections, details and schedules as required to enable statutory approval to construct the project
  • Prepare specifications in accordance with the drawings and the Client’s requirements
  • Coordinate the preparation of pre-tender estimates of the cost of construction
  • Provide recommendations to the Client on the preferred method of building contractor selection


Procure Contractors

This stage involves a range of contract and administration procedures to identify and evaluate potential contractors and/or specialists for the construction of the project.


Services in this phase

  • Consult with Client regarding building contract issues such as insurance, bonds, liquidated damages and other issues affecting the construction of the project
  • Issue relevant documents to the prospective contractor(s) describing the scope of works and to enable a tender or tenders to be obtained for the construction of the works
  • Obtain and appraise tenders and submissions of recommendations to the Client
  • Record the Client’s agreement to proceed with this stage of the work


Documenting Construction Progress

This stage involves the administration of the building contract up to and including practical completion.


Services in this phase

  • Make periodic site visits and report on the time, cost and progress of the project
  • Arrange, attend and record periodic site meetings
  • Respond to Client enquiries
  • Provide the contractor with technical assistance to interpret drawings
  • Review and comment on selected work procedures provided by the contractor
  • Review and comment on selected shop drawings and product data provided by the contractor
  • Check selected materials and components for compliance with contract documents
  • Review mock-ups and work samples
  • Assist Client in obtaining and reviewing contractor claims for extensions of time and additional costs
  •  Instruct the contractor with regards to incomplete work and rectification of defects
  • Assess, determine and, when required, issue notice of practical completion
  • Review the final completed work


Post Construction Services/Defects Liability Period

This stage involves reviewing the work after completion for any omissions and/or defective work or materials.


Services in this phase

  • Instruct the contractor with regards to incomplete work and rectification of defects
  • Assess, determine and, when required, issue notice of final completion


Optional Services

This section allows the Client and/or Architect to describe/list any additional services that the project requires that are not adequately addressed under the aforementioned work stages.


Additional Services

  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Furniture and Equipment Design


What Our Clients Have to Say

“Austin has been a great friend to Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity. The ADCoop staff is very available and responsive, graciously contributing affordable, sustainable home design, signage, and advice to our small affiliate. We are fortunate to have such a generous, committed community partner in Austin Design Cooperative.”

Megan McDonough

Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity